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About: Prrrpl


Imagine something exciting, stylish, innovative and obnoxious. Now, make it purple. Ready for the final step?  Imagine your imaginary thing is a purring cat that makes games. Congratulations! You’re thinking about Prrrpl.


In 2008 I graduated from University of Arts, Utrecht (HKU). My last school projects got me involved with monitoring playtest sessions at Guerrilla Games. This was my first job. I’m a creator, nota data analyst so I quit after an amazing year at Guerrilla and Sony Europe. I took jobs as a game-designer at various Dutch game companies. Each was very different depending on the product, team and financing.

I also took a job on the side as a lecturer at HKU. There’s so much more to learn when teaching then when you’re taught. My (ex)students are an amazing source of knowledge and motivation. Vlambeer, The Ostrich Banditos, Jay van Hutten, Adriaan de Jongh, Vogelsap, Sherida Halatoe and so many more are amongst them.

As for me: I’m a perfectionist who focusses on the quality of the project rather. I love people, I like helping out. It’s why enjoy working for HKU a lot. But it’s hard for me to make compromises in a design process. I quit my job as an applied game designer because it was hard to innovate and deliver quality gameplay within fixed prices projects.

My creative ambitions and uncompromising attitude allowed me no choice but to go independent. I’m not a fan of hype. I would regret being part of the ‘Indie’ hype if only the indie scene weren’t so darn cool. I want to make and I want my games to have impact on peoples life.

I love working with talented people. While working on my biggest and latest project Should Shoot I’m doing gamejams and side projects with other developers. The focus is always to create a game with unique mechanics and an exceptional visual design.


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